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Caring for a new child takes much more than simple feedings and diaper changes. Strollers, cribs, and other such baby gear are all essential to taking care of an infant. And while some pieces of equipment can be expensive, friends and relatives of the new parents often help to cover some of these costs. In other cases, many parents benefit from hand-me-downs and other second hand sources.

Second hand baby gear is often the best way to go for first-time parents. The term "used" does not always mean "inferior", and if one can find an adequate piece of baby furniture through a relative, friend, or thrift store, the savings can be considerable. However, whenever one purchases used equipment for a child, it is important to make sure all the safety mechanisms are working properly.

Just about every city and town in America has at least one retailer that specializes in baby gear and accessories, and these are the ideal sources to tap if you are looking for new items. These stores often stock the latest in baby equipment, from cribs to car seats. They are also to able to special order many items that they might not carry in stock, provided its something they can find through one of their suppliers.